The plug & play collaboration backend

Real-time collaboration, offline-first apps and syncing devices as easy as it can get. With the conflict-free magic of hocuspocus.

Real-time collaboration

Share changes, cursor positions, text selections, or even the whole application state with other people in real-time.

Everything in sync

Enable people to edit their data on multiple devices, and keep everything in sync with hocuspocus


Store changes in the browser, and send them later. hocuspocus will merge them, no matter when they are delivered.


hocuspocus is based on the performant and conflict-free Y.js. It’s like a superfast Git, without the merge conflicts.

TypeScript code base

TypeScript ensures code quality and gives a nice autocomplete for the API on top of the extensive human written documentation.

Well documented

We write the documentation while we write the code. You’ll find a lot of guides, examples and even background knowledge here.

Scalable with Redis

You can spin up multiple instances of hocuspocus and keep them in sync with Redis. Support for Redis clusters is already baked-in.


hocuspocus will be licensed under MIT, so you are free to do whatever you want. If you are using it commercially, become one of our wonderful sponsors to fund the maintenance, support and development of tiptap now and in the future.